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Bass guitars

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Needs Review Duesenberg Starplayer TV Bass

Duesenberg Starplayer TV Bass

in this LOVELY photo off of duesenberg's website, you can see him smiling and... more

Needs Improvement Hofner Ignition Club Bass

Hofner Ignition Club Bass

Curt says: “ The Hofner bass is the epitome of understated class. A bass shou... more

Needs Review Duesenberg Starplayer Bass

Duesenberg Starplayer Bass

After a few years playing a Hofner Club bass, one of his recent acquisitions ... more

Needs Review Steinberger L2 Black

Steinberger L2 Black

In this photo you can see he used a Steinberger L2 headless bass while on to... more

Needs Review Warwick Thumb

Warwick Thumb

Warwick made in Germany 4 strings Thumb model more