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What kind of Guitars does John Paul White use?

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Needs Review National Style 0 Resonator

National Style 0 Resonator

maybe be a national style 0 resonator more

Needs Review Martin OOOO-18

Martin OOOO-18

The acoustic John Paul White gravitates toward- a 1957 OOO-18. He plays this ... more

Needs Review Gibson J-45

Gibson J-45

The third guitar along in this picture of his current acoustics is what appea... more

Needs Review Gibson L-00

Gibson L-00

john says in his caption that the first guitar is a "1930s Gibson L-00" more

Needs Review Martin 000-18

Martin 000-18

The second guirtar pictured in this post is a Martin 000-18 as said by White ... more

Needs Review Kay Archtop Hollowbody

Kay Archtop Hollowbody

The fourth guitar pictured appears to be a vintage Kay Archtop of somekind. more