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What kind of Guitars does Matthew Mayfield use?

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Needs Review Gibson ES-339

Gibson ES-339

Mayfield is using a sunburst 339 throughout the video and has said on instagr... more

Needs Review Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson Hummingbird

Matthew can be seen using a Hummingbird to record on 'Beautiful' and uses it ... more

Needs Review Collings C10

Collings C10

Matthew Mayfield's main guitar is a Collings C10 Deluxe, he has several of th... more

Needs Review Fender Coronado Electric Guitar

Fender Coronado Electric Guitar

Mayfield says in this podcast that he used a coronado for the rhythm tone on ... more

Needs Review 1930 Gibson L-4

1930 Gibson L-4

Mayfield can be seen using what looks like a Gibson L-4 in this song though i... more

Needs Review Fender Telecaster

Fender Telecaster

Mayfield is using a modified Red Fender tele which has a Dimarzio Hot Rails i... more