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Studio equipment

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Rodec / Sherman Restyler

Rodec / Sherman Restyler

"Well one of my favorite things to do is this filter treatment. [Gestures to ... more

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

San Soda can be seen with his Roland TR-909 in this photo, from [this article... more

ACME-4 Advanced Clock Management Engine

ACME-4 Advanced Clock Management Engine

"This thing here: the SND ACME-4 Advanced Clock Management System. How I use ... more

Needs Review Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer

Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer

You can see his Roland TR-707 to the right of him in the 2nd picture of this ... more

Needs Review Roland Space Echo RE-201

Roland Space Echo RE-201

You can see his Roland Space Echo RE-201 in the 9th picture during this inter... more

Needs Review Alesis Microverb III

Alesis Microverb III

You can see the Alesis Microverb III in the 9th picture of this interview. more

Needs Review Acidlab Miami

Acidlab Miami

You can see the Acidlab Miami sitting on his desk in the 11th picture of this... more

Needs Review Akai MPC 3000

Akai MPC 3000

"Usually the MPC was my main part of the studio. I used to do most things on ... more

Needs Review E-mu SP-1200

E-mu SP-1200

" I got the E-mu SP-1200 and the MPC3000, so yeah, now I'm sampling again. " more

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