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Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky

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Needs Review Heavyocity AEON Collection

Heavyocity AEON Collection

"I knew in about two minutes that Aeon would be welcomed with open arms into ... more

Needs Review cinemorphx


Steve uses CinemorphX more

Needs Review Heavyocity - Novo

Heavyocity - Novo

“Heavyocity have done it again. NOVO is one of the coolest and most inspiring... more

Needs Review Heavyocity DM-307

Heavyocity DM-307

“DM-307 is yet another example of Heavyocity standing out from the crowd. The... more

Needs Review Heavyocity Punish

Heavyocity Punish

"I've always loved Heavyocity because of their bold and inyour face approach ... more

Needs Review Heavyocity Gravity

Heavyocity Gravity

"Gravity is the perfect tool for any composer scoring to picture. The sounds... more

Needs Review SampleLogic Arpology

SampleLogic Arpology

“What I really love about ARPOLOGY is the interface. The Step Animator is one... more

Needs Review Sample Logic Morphestra 2

Sample Logic Morphestra 2

MORPHESTRA 2 is yet another deep and inspiring library from Sample Logic. The... more