Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman

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Drum sets

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Needs Review Pearl Masterworks

Pearl Masterworks

"Pearl Masterworks Drums with Bubinga in Walnut Burst, with Titanium Rose Gol... more

Needs Review 9" Prototype Bell

9" Prototype Bell

Auxiliary bell used in Sucherman's live setup more

Needs Review Toca Tambourine

Toca Tambourine

Uses tambourine mounted to the left of his hats more

Needs Review Sabian Finger Cymbals

Sabian Finger Cymbals

Uses auxiliary finger cymbals more

Needs Review Tree Works Wind Chimes

Tree Works Wind Chimes

Uses chimes as auxiliary percussion more

Needs Review Pearl 2000C Bass Pedal

Pearl 2000C Bass Pedal

todd uses a set of pearl bass drum pedals on his kit more

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