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Drum sets

What kind of Drum Sets does Travis Barker use?

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Orange County Drums and Percussion

Orange County Drums and Percussion

Travis Barker has been playing Orange County Drums for 12 years. He is also q... more

Yamaha DTX Drum Pad

Yamaha DTX Drum Pad

As seen at the 0:57 mark of this video, Travis Barker is using the Yamaha DTX... more

Needs Improvement Travis Barker Signature 5-Piece Shell Pack

Travis Barker Signature 5-Piece Shell Pack

Travis Barker Signature Kit: 20x22 Bass drum w/ double wide front hoop, 9x12 ... more

DW Go Anywhere 5-Piece Practice Set

DW Go Anywhere 5-Piece Practice Set

Travis Barker posts a pic of his drum practice setup, the DW Go Anywhere 5-Pi... more

Orange County Drums and Percussion Type 4 Glowstick Green Acrylic

Orange County Drums and Percussion Type 4 Glowsti...

During this video, Travis Barker plays the Orange County Drums and Percussion... more

Completely Incorrect Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

at 5:35 you can see a roland spd-x more

KD7 Kick Trigger

KD7 Kick Trigger

In 1:39, we see the trigger, set to DW5000, from what I know, the sound is se... more

Needs Review OCDP Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Tour Drum Kit

OCDP Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Tour Drum Kit

OCDP Drum Kit used for the blink tour in 2001. Kick: 20x20 Rack Tom: 8x12... more

Needs Review Remo Colortone Drumheads

Remo Colortone Drumheads

[This page](https://drumheadauthority.com/articles/travis-barker/) shows a ph... more

Needs Review Orange County Drums Music Video Kit

Orange County Drums Music Video Kit

Travis has been using this blacked out kit in a few videos. - Darkside - Sc... more

Pearl FFX CarbonCore Snare

Pearl FFX CarbonCore Snare

In this video you can clearly see Barker using this drum. This drum is the sa... more

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Most widely known as the drummer of the wildly successful pop punk band, Blink-182, Travis Barker is one of the most influential, contemporary musicians playing rock 'n' roll today.

While much of his early tutelage was rooted in traditional rock, Barker also grew up learning to incorporate elements of jazz, folk, and hip hop. You can hear this wide range of influences in his work today. Turning down an opportunity to play in the drum corps to tour with his band, Barker gained much of his experience in high school performing at regional competitions and music festivals.

In his early professional years, Barker played with bands such as The Suicide Machines, Feeble, and The Aquabats before solidifying his place in Blink-182 back in 1998.

Currently, much of Barker's professional setup is sponsored by both Orange County Drum and Percussion as well as Zildjian cymbals. When he's not teaching drumming classes to children around the country, Barker is usually jamming out with his current band, The Transplants, on what he often refers to as an "Orange County Drums and Percussion Cocktail Kit."

The drum kit is comprised of a 15 inch x 24 inch bass drum/floor tom made of eight-ply maple. There's also a 10 inch x 6 inch tom that is six-ply maple on a R.I.M.S suspension mount system and an 8 inch x 6 inch, six-ply maple snare that is also mounted on an R.I.M.S.

The heads Barker currently uses are Remo Emperor on top and Ambassador on bottom, and the snare has a coated Emperor on top with an Ambassador snare bottom.

Barker is also known for his many collaborations with hip-hop artists, from the late DJ AM and A-Trak to popular artists like P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Cypress Hill, and more.

For these collaborations, where the bass and snare are king, Barker likes to use a 13 inch as a main snare and a 10 inch side snare. For the 10 inch, Barker uses a regular coated Emperor.

Rock and punk collaborations get a different treatment. Travis Barker has been known to use a wide array of Zildjian cymbals, but usually 14 inch hi-hats. And for a little extra personality, Barker plans on using a gogo station on his current kit, which includes a gogo bell, jam block, cowbell, and smaller marching snare for the next Blink-182 tour.

Considered by many as "punk rock's first superstar drummer," Barker probably would not have reached his current level of talent if he didn't make an effort to use the best equipment for everything he does. As the saying goes, "A man is only as good as the quality of his tools," and it is widely apparent that Barker has made extraordinary use of only the best equipment over his 20-year career.