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D’Addario or Ernie Ball?

Which brand do you prefer and why? At the moment I personally prefer D’Addario because from my experience, the crispy tone lasts a bit longer and i like the attack and sustain in them.

D'addario NYXL, hands down. Vacuum-sealed packaging, plus the added bonus of the premium NYXL brand is that you get much better harmonic response and feel out of the strings as compared to other guitar strings. Oh, and did I mention that the NYXL strings last longer than Ernie Ball?

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For me ernie ball is the best i use Ernie Ball Skinny top Heavy bottom strings ,they have both a great tone and playability. Another thing with Ernie ball is there 2.0mm Prodigy pick serie wich is in my opinion are the best pick out there!

I'm an Ernie Ball guy, I use the Slinky series because they're all made of the same metal type and come in many different gauges, so if I'm trying to make a custom set the strings won't sound brighter/darker than eachother. I usually use heavier gauge strings, and I may have found the best set for my playing style about a week ago, Skinny-Top Beefy-Bottom Slinkys (10-54) on a short-scale Les Paul neck tuned to E. I'm looking for the best set for drop D on a short-scale now (No help required).

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I have only used Ernie Balls on my electric guitars (other than the strings that a guitar comes with and I haven't changed). Although the last time I went string shopping, I bought a bunch of D'Addarios that I'm going to try next time I restring. I'll let you know if my mind is changed or if I'll go back to Ernie Ball like usual. I may order some strings from Stringjoy though next round just to try them out. I have heard great things, and I don't mind paying a bit extra if they're worth it.

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I ended up sticking with d’addario by lack of options. Not that I’m complaining, I love the chrome flatwounds. It’s just that recently I found out I’m allergic to nickel, so my choices went down drastically. That being said, the sound of the ECG24 is amazing!

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