Bass Guitars

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Bass guitar, also electric bass or bass, is a stringed instrument predominantly played with the fingers by pulling, slapping, bursting, beating, thumping, picking and infrequently thrumming. It has a comparable semblance and structure to an electric guitar. However, it has got a lengthier and scale neck with four to six threads. In the rhythm section, it has hugely replaced the double bass in the famous music as the bass instrument from the 1960s. Bass enables the achievement of the anchoring the harmonic framework the beat establishment. Lots of music styles utilize the bass guitar, comprising rock, punk rock, reggae, metal, pop, country, blues, and jazz.

The utmost common four-string bass is often tuned as the double bass, which matches to pitches one octave that is lower as compared to the four lowest pitched strings of a guitar. The bass guitar is a reordering instrument, as it is notated in bass clef an octave higher than it sounds in order to avoid excessive record lines. The bass guitar is inserted into the speaker and amplifier for live performances as the electric guitar.

The bass line has been in existence for a hundred years. For example, J.S Bach (1685-1750) music, the bass line has similar significance as that of the alto, soprano and tenor. The bass violas are used to play the bass line in classical orchestral music. Tuba, the brass bass, was used to play the bass line in the African-American music, such as ragtime and New Orleans jazz. Tuba played a basic two-beat- to-the-bar rhythm due to breathing needs making the early jazz and dance interesting. Music compositions became complicated with the evolving of the jazz into the era of swing (1935). Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Benny Goodman, jazz great works (a four beat to the bar) started to lead. The brass bass could not play this rhythm hence bass line took over.

Upright bass had its restrictions though. Its sound production cannot be massive enough to be heard over the enormous bands of the periods namely the drum, seven brass, five reeds, piano, guitar, and drums. It's also very huge, and its portability thus becomes so complicated. The invention of the electric bass guitar helped in solving these limitations of the acoustic.

Clarence Leo Fender invented the modern electric bass guitar. The Fender Musical Instrument Company then introduced the Fender Precision Bass in 1951. In order to precisely solve the low volume and large size problems, Leo Fender set out to devise the electric bass guitar and called the development the Precision Bass. He added frets to the fingerboard and the got the solution for playing out of tunes. The original precision Bass modeled later after the Fender Broadcaster guitar and first introduced around 1950. The Precision bass has remained the same to this day even if the original design was slightly modified over the years.