Contributor Guidelines

Anyone can contribute to Equipboard! Simply click the “add gear” button on an artist’s equipment board to contribute items for that artist. Three pieces of information are needed to submit a contribution:

  • Item
  • Source
  • Explanation

A community moderator will then verify your submission and it will be added to the artist’s equipment board.

Great contributions have several key elements. Specifically, Equipboard requires submissions that are:

  • Verifiable by a legitimate source
  • Accurate and point to the correct product
  • Contain a factual and contextual explanation of how the product is used by the artist

Verifiable by a legitimate source

The source should directly tie the person to the item through either 1) a picture, 2) a video of the person with the item, or 3) an interview, quote, or article from a reputable source. Sources that cannot be verified - like blogs, personal stories, and crowd-sourced websites - should not be used as sources unless they provide substantiated proof. For example, simply referring to a page saying "Stevie Ray Vaughan uses a black Fender Stratocaster because this site says so" is NOT ACCEPTABLE for Equipboard. If the submission is incorrect or cannot be properly verified from a reputable source, it will not be included on Equipboard. Look for the original source of content, and submit a link to the direct version of verifiable proof (an image, video, interview, etc.). Link to canonical and persistent URLs where possible, not temporary pages that might disappear.

Accurate and point to the correct product

Please make sure you are submitting the actual item, or the closest available item, used by the artist. Please include the item manufacturer, model, and specifics in the submission. Search for duplicates before posting, as redundant item submissions will be denied by the moderators. Feel free to post something interesting about an item that is already on an Equipment board if you feel it adds to the conversation in the thread about that specific item.

Contain a factual and contextual explanation of how the product is used by the artist

Ideally, sources contain quotes by the artist about the item. Specifically, the best explanations are quotes from the artist saying something interesting directly about the item where the quote itself is self explanatory in how the artist uses the item. Otherwise, if a source with the artist speaking directly about the product cannot be found, please provide a detailed explanation around the context of how the artist uses the product. Please use proper grammar and spelling, keep your submissions factual and opinion free, and write in the third person. Ultimately, make comments with content that add context to the discussion.

Thanks for contributing to the Equipboard community! As always, if you have any questions, you can post in the forum, or reach us at