GearIQ is a point system used to recognize members who contribute meaningfully to Equipboard. With more GearIQ you'll earn more powers and editing privileges on the site.

Confirming your email address: +30

Adding a profile photo: +10

Adding your bio: +5

Saving an item to your wishlist: +10

Adding a photo of your gear setup: +10

Tagging the items in your gear setup photos: +5

Getting an upvote on a gear photo: +1

Following a pro artist: +1

Adding a new pro artist to Equipboard: +5

Adding a new band to Equipboard: +5

Submitting gear to an artist: +4

Getting your artist gear submission voted as correct: +30

Adding a new item to Equipboard: +5

Rating an item: +1

Reviewing an item: +5

Adding a video to an item: +5

Getting your related item submission approved: +5

Posting in the forum: +3

Getting an upvote on a review or comment: +1