Guidelines on adding new artists to Equipboard

By adding an artist to Equipboard, you're creating a profile for that artist. It starts off as a blank page, and users can make gear submissions to this artist profile over time. This only works if the artist is notable enough to have fans around the world seek out their gear choices.

For this reason, we have some criteria to ensure community-submitted artist profiles on Equipboard are notable.

Notability criteria:

We realize notability is difficult to strictly define, as there are notable artists who are long deceased, artists who have a meteoric rise and become notable seemingly overnight, and artists who are notable only for a niche audience. To gauge this, we consider evidence from reliable and independent sources. For instance:

  • The artist has a Verified Twitter account , verified profile or Page on Facebook , or a verified Instagram account.
  • The artist has coverage by one or more legitimate media publications (e.g. Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, Billboard, Future Music).
  • The artist has a catalogue of music releases which can be verified on multiple platforms (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Discogs, MusicBrainz).
  • The artist has toured, and there is verifiable evidence of this.
  • The artist has amassed a large social media following. Note: This by itself does not constitute notability, since a sizable social media following can easily be faked.
  • The artist is an influencer in a specialized channel (e.g. a YouTube personality with followers in the 5-7 figure range).

We love each and every one of our Equipboard members, but we kindly ask that you please refrain from creating a community-editable artist profile for yourself if you do not meet the notability criteria. There is little use in doing so given the nature of Equipboard, and the way users search for information when browsing the database.

Furthermore, we actively remove community-editable artist profiles for people who do not meet notability guidelines. You can always post in the forums if there is any doubt. Someone from the community and from the Equipboard team will be happy to help!

Avoiding duplicates

Please make an effort to ensure the artist does not already exist on Equipboard. Duplicate entries dilute the impact an artist has on Equipboard. Sometimes an artist's name might be spelled several different ways, or use strange punctuation. Try searching for a couple variations, just to make extra sure. When in doubt, use the spelling and punctuation used on their official website or social media profiles.