Contributing on Equipboard

Submitting gear to an artist on Equipboard involves 3 things: Submitting, Editing, and Quality Rating.

Submitting Gear to an Artist

Adding gear to your favorite artist's Equipboard is easy. Check out this 1 minute video to see how it's done.

Editing a Submission

Submissions can be edited to improve a source or notes.

How do I edit a submission?

From the submission proof page, click the Edit This Submission button to open the edit form. Example:

Edit Submission Button

What information can I edit?

Source – should show firsthand proof that the artist uses the item.
Example: Artist's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, and pictures or videos of the artist using the item.

Notes – should provide a quote from the artist about the item or context for the source.
Example of great submission notes .

Example edit form:

Edit Submission Form

What happens after I make an edit?

The quality rating for the submission will be updated to Needs Review.
Previous contributors to the submission will be notified that you made an edit.

Quality Rating

You can rate the quality of a submission to let others in the community know that it is either correct or needs improvement.

Submission quality ratings are:

  • Needs Review – Submission is new or has been recently edited by a community member.
  • Correct – Submission has a good source, the correct item, and well written notes.
  • Needs Improvement – Submission needs to be improved for one or more of the following reasons:
    Item is Incorrect, Source Needs Improvement, Notes Need Improvement
  • Completely Incorrect – Submission is totally wrong and/or irrelevant and should be marked for deletion.

Where can I see the current quality status of a submission?

If a submission needs review or needs improvement, you'll see the quality status on the lower right side of the item card on an artist's Equipboard and on the proof page for the submission. A submission with a quality rating of Correct only displays a status on the submission proof page. Examples:

How do I rate the quality of a submission?

Select the appropriate quality rating from the dropdown menu on a submission proof page, add a comment, and click the submit button. Example:

What happens when I rate the quality of a submission?

All previous contributors to a submission will receive an email notifying them of your quality rating. If you're rating a submission as Needs Improvement, please be sure to provide as much detail as possible so those notified can more easily make improvements.