spaceshipsovrglasgow's music gear photo containing Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, Boss RC-30 Loop Station, Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max, DigiTech Polara, Death By Audio Fuzz War, Catalinbread Belle Epoch, EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2, EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct, Saturnworks ABY Passive Compact, and Tyler Krug Signature Squisher

Current pedalboard setup

Roles: Guitarist
Genres: Post-rock Noise rock Ambient

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10m10 months ago

Fantastic looking board! I love FUZZ WAR I had one for a bit, for a fuzz pedal it's surprisingly articulate! Any favorites?

10m10 months ago

@gchiaren Thanks for the love!

FUZZ WAR has definitely been a fun beast to tame. I'm primarily using it to add some teeth to my otherwise ambient/reverb-heavy sound and like having it set right at the edge of becoming too "tinny" so that a heavier pick stroke gives it that harsher sound.

Similarly, I always have the Acapulco Gold set around 12 o'clock to form the basis of my tone. I find that setting to have a good balance of amplification and dirt without totally distorting the sound to the point of "SUNN AMP ABOUT TO BLOW" which it was designed for. I should note that I also keep the volume knobs on my guitar turned way down to preserve that state bc at anything above about a 2 the walls start to shake.

The Belle Epoch is also a favorite and a nod that I took from Liz Harris of Grouper -- her ethereal echo-heavy sound is what drew me into ambient guitar in the first place. I like having this pedal set to where the feedback is present enough to get the swirling sound you'd expect from a tape echo without becoming infinite -- set too high and following the Acapulco Gold can definitely lead to a rather violent volume swell. Sending those echoes into my DD-5 set to Effect/Delay, followed by the Holy Grail on either Plate (for straight wall of sound building) or Reverse (for something a bit more shoegazey), and finally the Polara on Halo (for just a bit of shimmer) has proven extremely satisfying.