jimmarchi1's pedalboard, guitar, and amplifier photo containing Marshall Plexi 1959SLP 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Whirlwind Selector A/B Box, MXR M102 Dyna Comp, Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, Radial Engineering Tonebone JX-2 Pro Switchbone, Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, THD Hot Plate 16 Ohm, Fender Showman 100w Head, Danelectro DJ-10 Grilled Cheese Distortion, Carvin SH225, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter V2, Mu-Tron Musitronics Flanger, Ceriatone 18 watt TMB, and Leilani 1x10" MOTS combo by Magna

UYB album guitar overdubs... note the hyper-rare Mu-Tron flanger and early smallstone.

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