jimmarchi1's guitar and amplifier photo containing Fender Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex™ Strat®, Fender Bandmaster, Gibson Les Paul Special, Fender Classic Esquire Telecaster, Carvin SH225, and Gretsch G6128TCG Duo Jet Cadillac Green

more guitars and the one that got away, super clean 65 bandmaster with factory upgrade jensen c12ps speakers. I miss the gretsch and special sometimes too. But not usually, in these days of smart phone RFI, those huge alnico single coilpickups are giant antennas.

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7m7 months ago

Man, that Tele/Esquire?Broadcaster is pretty damn hot...

7m7 months ago

I still have that, its an esquire RI with a custom lapsteel pickup by angeltone and its incredibly meaty. Does the Keef tone in 5 string open G through a twin and handles jeff beck tones from the yardbirds no problem :-)

3m3 months ago

damn love the bandmasters mate