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Helpful for beginners and experts alike - "deadmau5 + STEVE DUDA | Melodic Structuring"

If you're not one to watch deadmau5's 8 hour live streams, this is a neat little 11 minute video (part 1 of 2) of deadmau5 + Steve Duda talking through how deadmau5 composes tracks. It's not very in-depth, but still it might be really helpful for those that get stuck on the composition process, and/or have trouble finishing tracks (I know there are a lot of those folks out there).

5yalmost 5 years ago

Well, Deadmau5 broke our servers

I saw that! SO badass. Well deserved praise, keep the features/improvements coming. Honestly not surprised the mau5 thinks its so cool, this is a gear geek paradise.

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"Gear Pictures" tab for Pro's Profiles

Sorry let me clarify. In the Lemaitre example, I'm suggesting Equipboard should push a magic button that automatically makes a gear photos section based on existing submissions. So when they hit the magic button, Lemaitre's new Gear Pics section would automatically have in it these:

this one

and this one

and this one

I bet Equipboard can code up something to auto-populate the Gear Pics section with those, simply bc they're already on the site. They just need to be "copied" over into their own Gear Pics section.

Because if they don't do this, then users like you and me have to go resubmit those from scratch. That seems like work that can be avoided!

Does that make more sense?

5yabout 5 years ago

"Gear Pictures" tab for Pro's Profiles

I think this is a GREAT idea. It's a little trickier in practice, however, and here's why -

So many of the proof/sources already are gear pictures. Here's an example of a sub I made to Lemaitre:

It would almost seem like we duplicate work if someone has to RE-submit that separately as a Lemaitre gear pic, when it's already there on the site as a proof/source pic. I'm certain the tech wizards at EB could find a way to pre-populate a ton of gear pics using existing proof photos. EB tech wizards can you confirm?

Then, we as a community can decide and verify (as geoxor said) if those are legitimate gear pics. I know sometimes I take a screenshot of a written article and use it as proof like so... that wouldn't exactly make for the best gear pic, so that one could be flagged or down-voted.

Curious to hear others weigh in on this.

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Merry belated Christmas dude... and everyone else here!

This is such a fun site to spend time on, I love building the knowledge-base aspect of it. It gets better all the time :)

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Holy goddamn did JJ Abrams ever awaken the force!

Is this thread gonna have spoilers? If so we should tag the topic with [SPOILERS] or something!

I saw it :) just want to be aware of my fellow equipboarders who haven't seen it yet

5yabout 5 years ago

What guitar is BØRNS (lead singer) playing here?

Is it a Duesenberg?

Also, this song is catchy af.

5yabout 5 years ago

So, deadmau5 noticed his Equipboard... :)

That is fucking amazing! deadmau5 is awesome. AND he just outright Tweeted about it. Hope EB servers can handle some traffic load... :D :D

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refx nexus 2

Looks like they offer a demo version. This is from their website:

5yover 5 years ago

There are good headphones, great headphones... and $55,000 headphones :-|

Ah shit, my headphones budget is only $12,000.

5yover 5 years ago

Your SUBMISSIONS tab is improved and up-to-date!!

Rockin. Looks great. Feature request: please add submission status like Needs Review, Correct, etc so we can see the state our subs are in

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Ohhhh shit! This is exciting. I noticed it yesterday but you beat me to a forum post, I thought it was a stealth launch or something haha.

Yeah I think there is potential for abuse, but I bet there are safeguards built in to roll things back and ban abusers. I'm expecting the admins to chime in here and give us the lowdown :)

narcist, I'm on the fence about your sentiments on non-music items. I personally really dig sneakers/hats/watches/backpacks and I want to know what kinds of things the artists I look up to are rocking. I don't find value in an artist drinking iced tea, but that line is hard to arbitrarily draw. This MIGHT be worth its own topic of discussion, since I have some ideas on how Equipboard could separate out music gear from non-music related items.

Maybe this thread is where we could compile ideas to make the edit/revisions process even better?

5yover 5 years ago

More editability is coming!!!

ooOOoo if this is what I think it is, this is gonna be sweet. does this mean all those Needs Review tags all over the place can finally be dealt with?? :-P

So much this. I take pride in kick ass submissions and that Needs Review tag needs to go!

EDIT: well ok it doesn't need to go, but there needs to be something that can make the sub go from Needs Review --> Reviewed.

Equipboard can you give anymore details?? Don't keep secrets! :P

5yover 5 years ago

Google Chrome users- this plugin tells you any SoundCloud track's BPM & key

Super useful! Find it here. You have to be using Google's Chrome browser. Screenshot below:

5yover 5 years ago

More editability is coming!!!

I know "editability" is not a word but... did you guys see this on Equipboard's Facebook?

I'm pretty excited about this. Much more Wiki like. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm gonna police the shit out of some sub-par submissions ;)

5yover 5 years ago

please help me i'm new


How far have you gotten by yourself? You said you own Reason, have you tried to make any music? Can you play piano/keyboard? Before offering help, it would be nice to know how far you've gotten researching stuff by yourself :-)

5yover 5 years ago

Need help with purchasing a beginner lvl DJ controller

Have you thought about something like the Pioneer DDJ-SB2? Or the Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3?

Are you simply trying to learn how to DJ?

5yover 5 years ago

What do you think about your new forum flair? :-D

This is rad, I like :) A hundred times slicker than all the other forums where ppl write an essay in their footer about every single thing they have. I like the "top 3 preview" idea. Makes me wanna check out people's full collections.

5yover 5 years ago

This needs an app or something

+1 on mobile app!! Pleaaassse! I've been on Equipboard since early days and I love how it gets better all the time, but stepping up the mobile game would be huge. I think a native app could make a lot of the interactions with other users really interesting.

The home page feed for example - being able to filter it to just the things I care about (just electronic musicians & DJs for example), and vote things up or add comments (or corrections even in the case of submissions) inline. Saving stuff to my list would be nice as well from the app.

5yover 5 years ago

Can EVERYBODY Stand Out From The Crowd?

Man, tough question. If I understand it right, you're asking if creativity can be taught, and if this creativity can lead someone to create their own unique sound, which will eventually lead to a following... is that right?

IMHO, creativity can be taught to a certain extent. I think some people just have more of it - whether coming from an artistic family, being exposed to the arts from a very young age, or some other unexplainable reasons... who knows. Maybe Skrillex and Porter Robinson are part of that camp.

I think if people struggle with creativity and finding their own sound, they just need to work harder at it. Typically success - however you define it - comes to those who want it more. I know nothing about Flume, but imagine he was some young kid who pictured a world where he was a music producer, yet had struggles with creativity. And imagine that he told himself he was gonna stop at nothing until he found his own sound, and broke out of his creative rut. How would he do this? Maybe he stepped away from electronic music and listened to jazz, movie scores, hip hop. Maybe he made 100 terrible tracks, but every one taught him something new, and his 101st track was brilliant, unique, and creative. Who knows? (I don't!)

There are countless aspiring musicians who try to look for their own unique sound and end up giving up because it's too hard, or they don't think they were born with it. In my opinion, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This makes room for people like my imaginary Flume story, where maybe he didn't have what it took from the start, but worked hard enough to find it.

6yalmost 6 years ago

Which Tool Is More Useful?

Whoa, lots of stuff here to address!

bilge has a point, better to save up to buy some decent equipment. Having said that I don't think you have to go crazy. A Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for example is a perfectly good, durable, quality interface that should serve you well for a long time. On the monitors front, even though these are billed as "budget" I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. The Yamahas are great. Just look at how many pro producers make amazing music with the Scarlett 2i2 and HS8s.

I think in terms of your learning, one of the key things you said is this: "I want to make the music a bit louder. After making more complex sessions i've noticed when comparing my music to artists I like, it's far quieter than theirs."

Producers look at this several ways**, but from what I've seen it's an issue with your mixing. To get a track to sound LOUD like the pros, it's usually a sign that your mixing has a ways to go - more specifically, EQing. There have been countless articles, tutorials, and videos on this, so I won't rehash them here. This awesome article called "Thinking out of the box" explains EQing in a way that makes it easy to grasp. Enjoy!

**Laidback Luke for example produces straight into his mastering chain, and whether this is good or not is a hotly debated topic. My personal opinion is that that's an advanced technique, and if you're gonna do it, you better know your tools well and how each one is shaping your original sound!

6yalmost 6 years ago

Which Tool Is More Useful?

Hey mate. Great question, glad you gave some detail, it makes it easier to offer help :)

So it looks like here are your options:

  • Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones <----> studio monitors
  • iZotope Ozone 6 <----> Ableton plugins

Of those, in my opinion you can more easily get Ozone's functionality with Ableton's plugins than you can replicate good monitors with headphones.

It would be helpful to know what your budget is for studio monitors. Have you seen this guide? It came out recently, and looks at the best budget options for monitors:

Can you speak to what exactly you think your mastering is currently missing? I think that would help in making more recommendations. The reason I think that's an important question is because iZotope Ozone 6 might educate you more on the mastering process... but I'm not sure that the software alone will magically improve mixing/mastering towards "more professional levels". Don't get me wrong, Ozone is a fantastic package and is widely used, and the appeal (I think) is that it feels like you have a very cohesive set of tools that work well together. Not to mention their graphical interface is one of the best (which can help with workflow).

The guys and gals at iZotope were also clever and made a comprehensive PDF which teaches you about mastering step by step, using Ozone of course as the tool. I read through it once and it was super helpful. Find the PDF here:

6yalmost 6 years ago

*Can someone help me with this question?*

I don't think there's such a thing as a DAW that's best suited for electronic music... amazing electronic music has been created with all of them. The ones you mentioned definitely have their differences, though.

First of all, do you have a Mac or a PC?

6yalmost 6 years ago

How is FL Studio 11 good to produce Electronic Music

If you're just in the mood to explore what another DAW can do, I think Bitwig is kinda the new kid on the block. Here's a cool deep house tutorial done 100% in Bitwig:

6yalmost 6 years ago


Your question is a little vague. confused Are you looking for a plugin? A hardware synth? Do you want synthetic sounding strings, or realistic strings?

If you're looking for a VST plugin for string sounds (the type used for ambient/trance/edm/not so much realistic), You can't do much better than Nexus. It's a Rompler, so it has some very good sounding string samples in its library. Omnisphere is pretty awesome at that too.

If you want more realistic sounding strings, then I might suggest a sampler like NI Kontakt.

6yabout 6 years ago

What is this site really for/about?

nigelblaazer I agree with you, I really like the concept of everyone's tools of the trade in one place, and this site is nailing it. I love hunting down gear personally, it feels kinda like a game smile

I think one thing that's missing for me is that it seems like loads of people are creating profiles and writing about their gear... but I'm not sure where to go to see it all. I don't have time to find individual people's profiles, and even if I did there is not a great way to do that.

I like the gear gallery, but wish there was more stuff like that!

6yabout 6 years ago

Loop Pedal Users

Yeah definitely not saying what Ed Sheeran does is bad by any means. I think he's more charismatic than Howie Day and his music has a much broader appeal, hence all his recent success. Sheeran dances on that loop pedal like crazy (and that fucking Chewie Monsta is so cool looking), so he def knows what he's doing. I just like seeing different uses of looping combined with other effects smile

6yabout 6 years ago

Loop Pedal Users

Ed Sheeran is talented with the looping, but from what I can tell he keeps it rather clean and fx-free. I've always liked seeing the types of things Howie Day does with a couple of Line6 DL4s in combination with his other effects. He uses one for guitar and one for vocals. Worth watching if you haven't seen it before, nice shots of his pedalboards too.

6yabout 6 years ago

NAMM 2015 – What new gear are you most excited about?

Haven't seen new Jags and Jazzmasters. USA or Mexican made? Post a pic or video.

I could get behind the Novation Launchpad Pro. Maybe Push is still better though, dunno...

6yabout 6 years ago

Trying to find how to make this sound

The sound you want to essentially make can be heard clearly for a second at 3:35. It's a simple sound with a short attack and quick release. Should be able to use Sylenth to get something close to it. It's played over and over again in 16th notes, it sounds like.

Wash it in reverb and widen it. EQ it too, leave out everything but the high frequencies. To make it into a riser like 3LAU, pitch it up gradually.

I hope this helps at all??

6yover 6 years ago

Share your synth setup

What in the world is a MIDINES? And why is it rare?

6yover 6 years ago