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TC Electronic Delay Effects Pedals

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Brand: TC Electronic

Delay is one of the most popular guitar effects. It adds ambience and texture to your sound by taking the original sound and repeating it, from a short slapback to virtually infinite droning repeats. Delay fits well in any genre of music.

Delay pedals come in analog and digital flavors. The first consideration should be what type of delay sound you like.

Analog delay pedals are typically described as a warmer or more natural delay. These pedals are usually based on simple echos and tape delays where the delay sound degrades over time.

Digital delay pedals are typically described as clean and clear. Digital delays create a precise copy and usually have a much longer max delay time than analog delay pedals.

Delays can come in mono or stereo, depending upon your rig's needs.

Tap tempo is also a very popular option on delays, where you can set the delay rhythm by tapping it into the pedal footswitch.